Do people from the US listen to hardstyle?

I see a lot of people from the US on gag and i've been wondering this for a while as almost all the great hardstyle dj's are from Europe...


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  • I'm from Spain but living in the US, and I looooove hardstyle. I got into it when I discovered Yellow Claw.
    Hardstyle isn't very big here, but we do have a few DJs, though obviously not as great as the Dutch ones.

    In the future I plan to go to Defqon 1 in the Netherlands.

    • I live in the netherlands and I've been to defqon1 this year, it was awesome! Defenitly recommended!

    • I saw the final show on Youtube and it was awesome, I just wanted to start jumping in class xD
      I wish there were more hardstyle in the US. I went to an EDM festival here, and a girl had some kandii with the word hardstyle on it, and she and her friends also were huge fans of hardstyle.
      So there are some fans here, and I wouldn't be surprised if in the following years, more and more hardstyle is heard in the US.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I would say in some dance clubs they would

  • What's hard style?

    • Do you really dont know? It is kinda like house but with a harder bass (kick) and it is always around 180bpm (house/edm is mostly 120bpm)

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    • Mm, dubsteb is different. But i understand that you dont like it. A lot of people think its disgusting haha

    • I like house, trap, chill step snd tropical house... That shit I listened to don't cut it for me

  • The whatstyle?

    • A musicstyle which is almost the same as hardcore (maybe you know that oneπŸ˜…)
      It looks like housemusic but the beat is more agressive and the pace of the beat is higher (180bpm)
      Most girls who I know dont like it though...

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    • Haha yes you are

    • πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

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