What do you think is happening in this music video?


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  • Im assuming the location is in Thailand or something? A lot of those Asian countries have violent gangs so im not too surprised by the violence in the video. I think the kids have a bit of a distorted view of adults because of the adult gang members they see walking around with weapons etc. To them they think its cool and badass. And the man on the elephant is probably just looking at the kids like "they remind me of myself as a boy" or something I don't know. And the kids grow up seemingly fatherless and/or family less so they don't have a good role model in their life. Which eventually turns them into murderers like the rest of the gang members around that they see, and the dead bodies and skeletons seems to be a common sight so they sort of become numb to the view of death. And everything turns into a cycle, broken family, bad role models, distorted view of adulthood etc etc. I don't know the video is still quite puzzling.

    • Woah perfect description lol.

      I imagined it's best friends during the Burmese civil war and that they're on some sort of religious voyage or adventure to prepare themselves for something big. On the way seeing civilization torn apart, the guy on the elephant, a civilian rebel going to or returning back from war, hence the gun and bullet rounds he's carrying and the gas mask indicating guerrilla warfare. And the old guy at the end, some sort of American veteran who fought in Burma

    • Thanks for MHO :)
      Yeah I thought of something like that as well but I wasn't too sure on the location. First thought it might've been Vietnam but they don't look vietnamese lol. Didn't think of Burma though, good insight.

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