Do you believe “Eye Of The Tiger” was a blessing or a curse for Survivor’s career?

I would say it was more a curse than a blessing. Although they reached the #1 spot, both in the US and in the UK with this song, it overshadowed the rest of their discography. Maybe only Burning Heart managed to stand out …but the rest were overshadowed for sure.
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  • If they didn't have that son - I'd never have heard of them.
    And most of the people in the world wouldn't have...

    Is that song then a curse of a blessing - you conclude.


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  • They had a nice run with Jimmy Jamison later on in the late 80s, and I doubt the band would have made it that far if not for Rocky III. Blessing without a doubt.

    • Vital Signs was a very successful album (it went 2x Platinum), but its success was overshadowed by Eye Of The Tiger. Song's intro is recognizable to all the ages. From young people to old people.

    • You could say Led Zepplin was overshadowed by "Stairway To Heaven" if you wanted to make such a far reaching statement. Almost if not all bands have a signature song. Survivor is no different

    • Actually in my country, D'yer Maker is considered almost as popular as Stairway To Heaven.

  • Good question there is a lot of bands known only for one song and a lot of their other stuff is ignored - Financially a blessing, artistically a curse.

    • " Financially a blessing, artistically a curse. "

      Most correct answer. Like The Waterboys (you admire). Most people know only Whole Of The Moon.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Ah good question. I might have to climb Mt. Fuji and meditate on this one later.

    How about both. Curse initially and decades later a blessing. Im thinking the County fair circuit they play is lucrative.

    Take the The Rembrandts from the 90's. They had that one fucking song arggh!!! It was the theme song from The Friends sitcom. They have to be getting royalties every time someone claps really fast like in that show intro.
    Same thing.

  • One of the few inspirational songs you still hear today.

  • Curse

  • It's a blessing, it made them famous. Nobody would have heard of them otherwise

    • They had a US Top 40 hit before Eye Of The Tiger. Poor Man's Son.

      They would be known to AOR fans though, I believe.

    • That was a long time ago, every top 40 hit doesn't get remembered. Eye of the tiger was good enough it's still making them famous today, cos people look up the song and see their name next to it

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