Why are women interested in Ryan Lochte?

Is it because he's good looking? Is it because he's famous? Is it because he dates Playboy models? Or is it because of his vast intellectual capabilities "("jeah")?

Why are women interested in Ryan Lochte?



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  • Even if his antics and low intelligence disqualify him in the eyes of 3 out of 4 women he still has those other traits that will make him irresistible to every 4th woman who doesn't care about a guy's antics or intelligence. And 1 out 4 women means a lot of women...

  • Women care about 3 things:
    Social status

    Ryan has these in high amounts. Therefore women will want him.

    It doesn't matter if a man is morally questionable or dumb as bricks. As long as he has these 3 things, women will want him.

    • lost all of his sponsors...

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    • his social status is lame... I guess he won a gold medal or two.

    • Let see people know his name. He has won medals, excel in his trade, and has too 1% level genetics.

      He's basically ticking off everything women want.

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