Is a 23 year old MAN a pedo if has sex with a 17 year old BOY where the age of consent is over 17, but they are in a relationship now that he 18?

Ok so im writing a novelette and the issue im dealing with is this 23 year old man falls for a 17 year old boy who is a high school senior student but they do not have sex yet. But when they do have sex he is still 17 and he turns 18 some days later and now they are in a relationship and he is actually his teacher. There is a high school program that the 23 year old man gets hired for on campus so that's how they met, but he knows that he is in high school before he has sex with him
Correction, the age of consent is 16-18 in the country where this story takes place
Just so everyone knows its legal in this country, but i want to know if morally you think its wrong


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  • By definition, age 17 is outside of the range to be consider pedo. So many people misuse this word these days, thinking that a man or a woman getting with a 9 year old is the same as getting with a 16 year old lol.

    Pedophilia is pre-pubescent. There is another "-philia" word for being attracted to teens if u want to be technical.

    However, things get dicey legally since he became a school employee and are currently shagging in your story, even if they were shagging BEFORE the 23 year old is hired at the school. :-P

    • His boyfriend becomes his math teacher lol

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    • Hire me as a tutor! :-D

    • I do not plan on taking it until my last semester in college which is 2018. It depends on how many classes i take each semester. This is my first semester and im taking 3 classes

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  • This sounds like it would be a Manga or Anime. XD


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  • If the age of consent is 17 then it is legal - It is a moral/ethical issue where school may have etiquette about romantic fraternisation between staff and students.

    • I wanted to write this because i worked for a school district part time for 3 years, but i never been a teacher, but still i never thought i would have a hard time figuring out these things even with my experience working with teachers and students :(

  • No not a pedo, unless U S law is different in UK a guy can have sex with another guy over 16.

    • pedo means being into prepubescent kids, so no matter what, 17yo is way too old for that

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    • @Mustachekitteh who me?

    • I was meaning @coolbreeze2

  • Look up the definition of paedophilia...

    • look up the definition of kiss my ass

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