What's the most beautiful song you know?

I'm trying to get better at piano and looking for music. Whatever song you pick doesn't necessarily need to be piano music though. Pick any song you like. It's alright if I can't play it-- it will just go on my "goals" song list. lol

I am wanting to find a new song to work on, but don't want to be cliché and learn "The River Flows Through You." (I hear the song way too much 😱)


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  • Lol I have the entire book of sheet music of Yiruma for that album of his! :D
    I only really learned how to play 3 of the songs though & yes, River Flows in You was one of them :P

    This is my favorite when I wanna impress someone with my piano skills:


    The 4 seasons from Vivaldi are also good but those are incredibly hard to learn! I only know the summer but I can't seem to play it in the right speed, this guy definitely mastered it though:


    Those songs are probably not the right ones if you are just starting to learn how to play the piano now lol they are even hard for me and I've had 6 years of lessons..

    • I like the songs but there is no way I'll play em at this level lol. Looks like it'll go on my "future song list" for now. Thank you!

    • Yeah they're very advanced in terms of skill :P

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  • Probably the song Ba Mo Leanabh. A sad but very beautiful lullaby. After the execution of the Clan Chief MacGregor of Glenstrae in 1570, his widow composed and sang this lullaby lament to her child, it's sang in Gaelic.

    Ba Mo Leanabh


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