Does anyone know the cheapest place for me to buy gaming PC parts to build my own gaming PC/Laptop?

I'm just wondering since I've been planning on getting a gaming PC for a very long time but unfortunately can never afford one. I have a PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PS Vita and the 3DS and while I do greatly enjoy them (both consoles and handheld gaming) I like to enjoy exploring 3 worlds of gaming, consoles, handhelds and PC gaming. Not to mention, I've been hearing how there are so many great games on Steam that are dirt cheap compared to console games at any retail or mom and pop gaming stores. Right now, I'm planning on buying a gaming PC/laptop first, then sell my current regular laptop later so I can transfer all of my stuffs I have in it (such as pictures, game emulators, music, etc.) to my gaming PC.


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  • pcpartpicker. com

    Lists all parts and their prices from various retailers.


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  • Locally or online? Have you tried newegg or tigerdirect? Maybe Fry's Electronics? Depending upon where you are currently in the world. There's also Microcenter.

    Also, would you be interested in buying something like a smaller and compact desktop for LAN Parties but still have Liquid Cooling possibilities and Overclocking capabilities?

    I saw some of those online and had considered them since they would more than likely be even better than just a gaming laptop if you rather not spend big amounts of money on a gaming laptop.

    Examples of those type of small form factor liquid cooled PCs are the Maingear Torq and the Origin Chronos, but I am sure there are more.

    • I've been looking for an affordable gaming laptop at both online and retail/locally but at the same time, keep hearing how they're extremely difficult or nearly impossible to upgrade compared to gaming desktops. I have an HP Notebook 2000 laptop and I've been thinking of changing up parts for it but because the CPU is soldered into the circuit board with my laptop model, that makes it near impossible for me to install a graphics card.

    • If you want the most upgrade-friendly or modular laptops, look into the Clevo/Sager type of laptops, but I warn you that they generally would cost more so I don't know what your budget is. Although there are cheaper models available too, but you need a good current GPU on a gaming laptop if you're serious about gaming. I paid around $2500 for mines, but it is more of a Desktop Replacement than a portable machine.

      I still think the SFF (Small Form Factor) Gaming Desktop PCs WITH Liquid Cooling capabilities is the best deal since you get some portability if you ever plan to lug it around to play locally on a LAN party or something, and don't have to pay over $2000. Liquid Cooling is the way to go for Performance and would help your computer last longer compared to standard Air Cooling.

      Here's one from Digital Storm that's like that:

      But I don't know what your budget is. Just keep looking around for now before making a decision.

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