Just watched the movie silver linings, have you seen it? Movie spoiler alert, click if you've seen it?

I just finished the movie silver linings with Bradley Cooper, and forget the other person's name. I can't believe what a bitch Nikki is.. she cheated on him, okay, we're human shit happens..

Did she have to play his wedding song? Lmfao, I just think that is extremely fucked wth lol.

The guy too.. ''I think you should go.''

I'd have beat his ass too if I just caught my wife cheating, then the guy has the nerve to tell me to leave my own house. I'd have beat him with a history book (he's a history teacher).


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  • I saw it a while ago, and don't remember much. But I know I liked Bradley and the girl. I still remember some alone moments of them, that were pure treasures of the screen. The rest and fights and weddings, I don't really remember.

    And it's funny, cause I hate that actress, but this was the first movie where I saw her, and I actually liked it.

  • It was a really stupid movie and the fact it won an Oscar proves the Academy Awards is run by women and sissy men.
    The movie that should have won that year was Batman, but instead, they choose all the girliest dramas and boring musicals.