What does everybody on GAG think about Boys II Men making a come back career and making new music Part 1?

Here's some of the new music they have come out with but there is more new music besides this music their going to come out with

and here is one of the old songs they've made out of all of these songs do you guys think is the best?


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  • Oh wow !! I didn't know they were making a come back. I'll look forward to that. I love most of their songs 😍

    • yeah they are making a come back I just found out a couple of days ago I just typed in is Boyz II men coming back to make new music and BOOM! there was an article they it said they would be

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    • Thanks for the MHO

      I'll keep my eyes open for their come back 😍

    • okay and you are welcome sweetie and I will do the same

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