What do you think are the pros and cons of both console and PC gaming?

In my opinion:

Pros for console gaming -
More affordable gaming platform
Slightly more familiar exclusive games
More comfortable

Cons for console gaming -
Hardware limitations
Required Paid Subscription for online multiplayer
No modding options
No control mapping options

Pros for PC gaming -
Plethora of Hardware upgrade options
Plethora of mods.
Plethora of AAA and indie games.
Free online multiplayer
Constant great game deals on Steam that happens more often than with console games at retail or online stores
Many sorts of controllers to use from.
Control mapping options

Cons for PC gaming -
Gaming platform is incredibly expensive
Takes a lot of work to rebuild your gaming PC
There are higher chances of your game crashing on PC than on consoles (at least in my experience)
A little iffy about playing PC games offline (without internet).


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  • pro console gaming: everyone is almost on an even playing field

    con pc gaming: easier to create hacks/cheat on for games


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  • Sure you hit it on the head too with your list


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