If you were in the Bioshock Universe, which city/place would you rather live in, Rapture or Columbia?

I'd rather live in Rapture. It looks more beautiful and at least the Big Daddies leave you alone (unless you provoke them). Columbia, on the other hand, has Handymen and ghosts, who will definitely attack if you are a false shepherd.

  • Rapture
  • Columbia
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  • Damn you just reminded me of BioShock lol. I'd rather live in Rapture. Columbia doesn't sound like a fun place to live in and the people there sound unpleasant to be around.

    • Yeah, not to mention, the majority of the people in Columbia are outright racists/bigots.

    • Yes. That's one of the reason I said that they're unpleasant to be around. Doesn't help that I'm not white either.

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  • I'd rather be in Colombia, rapture looks terrifying and it would freak me out to see an underwater city with jacked up splicers and big daddies and big sisters too.

  • I hate the thought of drowning and i hate heights, but i got to say rapture is too badass to pass up

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