Can you give me song suggestions?

Don't laugh.
I'm looking for today's Songs with good highs and lows, and a good beat. I like Chandelier (Sia), black widow (Iggy ft. Rita ora), and a mix of rap-pop (pap? Rop? Lol) songs like stereo heart. Or songs that are great to sing your heart out with, like we are young (fun). For some of you it may sound blegh, but hey, It's my taste.

Nothing about butt shaking please, or Songs about money. And no Rihanna cause she only repeats single syllables instead of sing properly.

Thank you
Oh and female empowering Songs like girl on fire (Alicia keys) are also welcome


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  • Listen to other sia songs, the greatest, elastic heart, alive.

    • Bored with elastic heart already but i'll check out alive.

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