Can the intel i5-6402p quad core 2.8ghz in my prebuilt gaming PC run any games from 2012-Today?

Just wondering since I just bought Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition on Steam and it's horrendously laggy on my PC for some reason. I don't know if it's because I need an intel i7 instead of an i5 or if I'm just doing something wrong. It can't be my RAM since it already has 8GB.
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  • The main difference between an i5 and i7 is the hyperthreading. Since the i5 lacks it, an i7 is better designed for handling applications that require more multithreading, like photo and video editing software or rendering and transcoding. As far as I know, most games don't use more than four threads just yet. So if you are on a budget, you do not necessarily need an i7 for gaming purposes, an i5 will work just fine.

    As was mentioned already, GPU plays a bigger part in your computer's performance when gaming. That particular processor was released in 2015 and your GTX 960 should be enough for most games on a 1080p monitor with medium to ultra settings, depending on the game. You can look up GPU benchmarks online if you want more specifics.

    Try turning down your AA preset in the graphics settings within the game if you haven't already. Sleeping Dogs isn't optimized very well for computers, unfortunately.

    • I think I just figured out why my Sleeping Dogs game fps was running horrendously unplayable. My PC is currently not using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX (that it has) for the performance and is using Intel HD Graphics 510 instead. I'm trying to figure out how to switch the graphics card right now for better performance.

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    • Did you check the BIOS? There should be an option in there to switch the graphics card, probably under advanced settings. . . every BIOS menu is different but they typically have the same options available. If you can't find it then refer to the manual that came with your computer or check the motherboard manufacturer's website for one that can give more detailed instruction. You can enter the BIOS usually by pressing F2 or the DEL key after restarting the computer.

      Nvidia Control Panel won't have the option for preferred graphics processor unless you have multiple GPUs (integrated doesn't count) or you're using a laptop or mobile device that supports a Nvidia GPU. You aren't using a laptop, right?

      You should disable the onboard graphics (IGPU), switch it to PEG or PCI-E, and then make sure your monitor is connected to the GPU itself and not the motherboard. Check the motherboard manufacturer's website for BIOS driver updates from the version you currently have in the menu as well.

    • Also, you are seeing the video card in your display adapters category in the device manager, right? Open up the control panel and do a search for "device manager" if you are unsure of how to open it.

      If it isn't present then you might have to reseat the card. Obviously, you want to shut the computer off first and make sure you ground yourself to avoid electrostatic discharge to any important components by touching the computer case or other metal objects like a screw, then removing the card from the motherboard and disconnecting any connectors, inserting and plugging it all back in and then turning the PC back on.

      If nothing works and you've tried seemingly everything including uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, seek advice from message boards like Tom's Hardware, there are more computer experts over there. It could even be that you have a faulty graphics card or motherboard.

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  • I5 cannot keep up with an i7 so that is the first problem! What is the main issue however is you haven't told us if you have a graphics card and if you do what type? That is the biggest factor in graphics and performance fidelity! No graphics card means no ability to run a game

    • I was just checking on my device manager on my PC and it says I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and an Intel HD Graphics 510.

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    • @Tetroy: Right now, I've tried disconnecting the HDMI cord connected to the Intel CPU and connect it to the GPU and it still didn't switch to the dedicated GPU for Sleeping Dogs. I know for sure that I'm still doing something wrong.

    • Holy shit, you've had your monitor connected to your onboard gpu this entire time? Now that the HDMI is connected to the GPU, you just need to run the nvidia software (make sure its even installed) download the latest drivers and the computer will notice that it is connected.

  • Grow up and get real priorities. This is not a real problem. Instead of wondering what gaming system hardware works for you or not, perhaps you ought to save money for a mortgage or retirement or college or a new car or a health crisis or for your kids or wedding or for eventual unemployment by being replaced by H-1B visa outsourced workers or overseas workers in China who studied harder in school not wasting time worrying about gaming systems.

    • How about you piss off and crawl back under your bridge, troll. No need to shove your anti-gaming baggage down my throat.

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    • Oh come on man, lol. You can learn a lot about things by tinkering with computers and finding out why they work. Whats the difference between shooting some fake people for a half hour or sitting around like an asshole watching the news for 30 minutes? Its just a hobby

    • @Psuedoscape It's not shooting fake people for a half-hour... It's shooting fake people for a half-year that's the problem.

  • I'd have thought it would run anything. Mines a 3.4ghz i5 and it runs everything. Without a separate graphics card you'll have a few issues though. Don't believe the honk Intel say about not needing one. Also make sure you have 2 sets of RAM.

  • It should be able to run it. You didn't mention your graphics card that would make more of a problem than anything really. You should certainly overclock that cpu as high as it will run stable at, get a better cpu fan before you do it. The i7 is not going to help, it just makes doing multitasking and rendering stuff like video better.

    Getting a better chip will help some stuff, but that graphics card is going to be the first big issue which I don't know what you are working with there. I still run an old GTX 780ti and I can play any new game that comes out on ultra with a i7 4770k oc'd to 4.4 and 16gigs of ram. Its almost a 3 year old build, and I haven't touched anything in it since I built it.

    Just goto this website let it run a scan and it will tell you what games you can run and where your system is lacking.


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