What do you think about the impending Power Rangers film?

What do you think about the impending Power Rangers film?

  • I'm so hyped for this, it's gonna be amazing, everyone'll LOVE IT!
  • Sound like it'll be fun- liked the TV show back in the day, so it might be worth a watch
  • They're gonna butcher this, just like they did with Transformers and TMNT
  • Power Rangers was always garbage, there's no way I'd ever watch it or this film
  • Don't give a flying ****
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Nothing will beat the original.

    • Out of interest, when was the last time you watched the original? Because I've tried watching it again with my nephew, and I've realized just how much the nostalgia lenses can warp reality. Do you still think that the original's a masterwork now?

    • Lol I watch it like once a month.

    • But I agree, nostalgia can have that effect

Most Helpful Guy

  • It will be good!! Especially with what they will be able to do with the SFX now. But Amy jo Johnson will always be the best pink ranger to me. I wish they went with Victoria justice instead of this Rita girl.

    My only gripe lol.


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  • I remember when my young nephew called around, it was a great excuse to watch the series - There was also a nod to adults watching because behind all the kids stuff, sometimes the Rangers had a grown up issue as a subplot.

  • Why is the black ranger White and the blue ranger Black? It's ruined already.

  • I'm not 4 years old, I don't watch superhero stuff

    • You were 4 years old once though, weren't you? Didn't you ever watch it back then, when you were? I know I did...

    • I think I saw a bit of power rangers and thought it was rubbish, never liked it