Does anyone know what the title of this movie might be?

I'll preface this by saying I've watched a ton of movies in my life, and, depending on what age I watched certain ones at, I didn't completely understand what I was watching at the time, but for some reason the movie stuck with me. Of course, given that I didn't get it, that usually meant I didn't pay attention to the titles. Years later (like right now, lol), the fact that I don't remember the title so I can rewatch it is driving me bonkers.

Here's what I recall about the movie. I think the main character (a guy, no idea what his name was), had some kind of a terminal illness (maybe cancer?). And I think the movie was sort of coming-of-age, it was a group of boys who were friends together when they were younger and the movie shows how their friendship developed as they grew up.

A couple scenes stood out the most. (So sorry for the major spoilers that are about to happen!)

I remember that the guy (who I thought was the main character, or at least one of them, anyway) was a bit of a rebel that the other guys looked up to. I also remember that there was some kind of road trip involved... and I distinctly remember a scene where the guy basically puts a whole pack's worth of cigarettes in his mouth and attempts to smoke them all. I also remember that he died, either on a beach or on a bed (at the beach?)... my memory's a bit fuzzy on that one.

I also recall that there was a song that held some sort of significance for them? But I have zero clue as to what the lyrics were.

Anyway, does any of this ring a bell for anyone? Really wish I knew what the title was so I could see if I can track this down and rewatch it... thanks in advance for anyone who tries to help!


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  • Nothing is ringing a bell for me... I've always found the folks over at IMDB message board "I Need to Know" to be very helpful. Try there next if you haven't already.

    • Oh perfect. I haven't hit that up yet. Didn't even know that was a thing, LOL. Thanks!

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    • I know! Didn't even really recognize him at first. He looks so different at first glance! Also the resolution is really grainy.

    • Woohoo, thanks for MHO!

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  • Breaking the rules/ sketches 1992?

    • OMG YESSSSSSS!!! You are AMAZING!!! You have no idea!! I have been trying to figure this title out for I think a little over 8 years now!!! LOL!!

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    • You just gotta know how to search for it.

    • Omg I tried everything from describing the cigarette in the car scene to the song to the road trip. Believe me, I could not find it anywhere lol.

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  • Did you try a youtube search or a video google search and see what pops up? Sometimes typing in plots and key phrases will pop up movies.

    • I have absolutely tried and nothing ever turns up. Which is why I have turned to forums and ask/answer sites like this one, lol. Hoping someone knows what I'm describing.

    • I hope you was able to find the movie. Yeah it sucks when its hard to find.

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