Why does my device lag? Why do the apps lag? What's going on?

Okay so, I use Snapchat & Musical. ly and recently they both have been lagging. When I record a video , and talk. I watch it and my mouthing and the audio are way off. I dont understand it at all, it really is frustrating. I dint know how to fix it. I really want to get it fixed but I don't know who to ask or who to call. I tried deleting The apps ans re-downloading but still lags. It's like my audio and video aren't synced or something. I will say " my name is Kimberly " and then my mouth will stop moving but the audio is still on "name". It's so slow. Someone please help me or give me directions or advice. I just got this phone in July. Its the Samsung galaxy J7 , so helo me out please.


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  • Could be anything, from not enough storage space on your phone, to the mobile company strangling your data to old phone software to virus' to anything. Sadly there are several dozen reasons a phone may be lagging or an app and only a few ways to fix them.

    • Like mine, is slow as heck and dropping coverage a lot when it's supposed to be unlimited high speed 4g lte data, but found out the reason it's so slow is because my phone company is tearing down the old towers near me and replacing them with newer better ones so most people in my area with my phone company are stuck using one to two towers which is slowing it down drastically

    • From the sounds of it you may have a virus or low storage space or a critical file may have accidentally deleted. First if you can download avg Free from the app store and run it to check for virus's.

      If there is none, check your storage, if your low on storage go to settings then apps then click on each app and look to see if the move to SD card button it lit up, if it is then click it so it moves it to the SD card to free up space.

      If your good on space, try hard restarting the phone, if you have a removable battery, remove it while the phone is turned on, leave the battery out for 5 minutes then put it back in.

      If it's not removable if memory serves me right there should be a tiny hole at the top of your phone, use a sewing needle to put it in and press down and hold until the phone shuts off. Be careful because being it's sharp it could scrape the inside so be gentel unless you have blunt object small enough to fit in the hole.

    • If that doesn't fix it, you will have to call the phone company.

      Last resort, you may have to factory reset your phone. Back up all data you wish saved, pictures, videos, apps that can be transfered to your ad card etc.. or Google back them up or cloud back up.

      Go to settings, scroll down to back up and reset. If it's not on the main list it could be located under one of the sub menus in settings, usually about phone, accessibility, privacy etc..

      Click factory reset, this has the phone erase everything and restores it to the point of when you first activated the phone. Make sure you click do not factory reset SD card, to be safe you could remove the SD card before factory resetting.

  • some devices have that glitch and there's usually nothing you can do about it. or you might have too many apps running and not enough processor cores to run that many, try closing all the other apps while recording. updating may help also.

  • Sometimes it's the app itself. Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the apps? And if you did and it didn't work, then try restarting your phone. If that doesn't work, then shut your phone off, and turn it back of after a minute


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