Tim Tebow is back? But not with his slow weird throwing motion?

Tim Tebow is back!? But not with his slow weird throwing motion?

Well if you haven't heard already Tim Tebow is back in the world of sports news but it's not for his known spread offense type quarterback style but for baseball? He really hasn't been with a NFL team since like 2013 but apparently the Mets have signed them... jury is still out if the Mets will ever make a good decision or not... but he hit a homerun yesterday at his fjrst at bat pitch. He did play baseball many years ago. His junior year at high school which coincidentally I also played baseball my junior year which compared to was only a few years ago rather than +10 years ago (he's 29). So whats your thoughts on this? Will he fail at yet another sport? Or will he just be good enough for the Mets?

@Beerfarts interested to hear your thoughts

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  • He actually hit his first home run today with the minor league team. Haha.

    Anyway, he was a talented baseball player in high school, but those years are far behind him. He's still relatively young and he does have some remaining baseball talent left, but from what I've heard, that talent isn't good enough to make a major league roster, whether it be with the Mets or anyone else.

    We're leading the wild card race right now and we don't need someone like him spoiling our chances. Lol.

    • Very far behind him. But who knows his definitely in great shape. I don't know if he'll make the majors or not we will see next year. Doubt if he's he even decent they'll bring him up at all.

      Haha sorry for tagging ya twice. It didn't work the first time. Must if been a Gag error

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    • @redeyemindtricks yup he played for the Sox double A team I think.

    • Yes, he did, and he was actually worse than Tebow. As soon as the ball was hit, he would take two 2-3 steps in the wrong direction to field the ball and in baseball, those 2-3 steps makes all the difference on whether you catch the ball or not.

      Needless to day, he didn't catch many balls. Lol.

      I think he's slightly better at basketball to be honest :p

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  • He's a hell of an athlete, but I don't think he's talented enough in any one sport to make it in the big leagues. He couldn't make it at football, I don't think baseball will be any different. And he's getting pretty old to start fresh in the sports world.

    • He coukd make it at football but he only wanted to be a QB and he had many other offers for other positions but he turned them down. Honestly I could see him as a good TE.

  • He was so hyped up in the NFL.. Let's see if he does better in baseball.

  • Tim... who?

  • this douche should be a tight end or something. he's fucking huge.

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