How to breath correctly when singing?

I have regular singing lessons, but my breathing is all out, we have been working on it and my singing teacher has told me to practice breathing properly for next lesson.

I've been doing abit of research on the net and I've found that to breath properly and for breathing to be more beneficial for your body you should breath in and out through your nose and rarely through your mouth. Is this true?

When I was a child I used to get quite bad nose bleeds and so would get wary about breathing through my nose, so if you are meant to breath through your nose, I've been doing it wrong all my life.

I've had a go at breathing in and out through my nose just and it makes me go slightly light headed? Is this because I'm getting more oxygen than what I'm used too?

I would be grateful if someone could give me more information on breathing properly and so tips for doing so.



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  • I mean it's just the right way to do it. Also, it makes it easier to sing. And it's quieter and more efficient when it comes to singing. I'm not that good at singing myself or musically sound, but I did magically make it to all state chorus in high school


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  • Yes, but for this reason: to keep your throat and tongue relaxed. If you can breathe through your mouth and be relaxed, it's okay.

    Really, the key is to focus all the tension into your abdominal region. Use your abdominal muscles to draw in the air, not any muscles from the head, throat, etc. Do that, and it doesn't really matter where the air enters.

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