SO I decided to pursue my dream, could you give me some feedback on my music?

Hey guys, I've been producing music for a couple months, it's a combination of rock/ blues and rap for the most part, with deep lyrics and guitars instead of synths, I would really appreciate if you could give me some honest feedback, and of course, I'll be here to answer all your questions about it.


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  • The sounds or the levels between the voice and the music are not balanced. It's like I hear more of the lyrics than I do the actual music.

    • Thanks for telling me, I'm still working on the mixing part, being it's both hip hop and rap and they have different mixing setups, did you find that to be the case in every song?

    • I found it in the Wilderness on and the I'm sorry Lucy ones so far. As far as the rapping, it's pretty impressive to me, especially the skill in learning how to control your breathing when being quick with it.

    • i appreciate it, I'll tkae all that into account, and thanks again for taking the time to listen

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  • Join rapgeniu they have fantastic tips. Also, i like the little grunts you add very original. But the main problem is you sometimes cram syllables in a unrhytmical fashion so you fall off the beat sporadically. Join genius really. It will help you a lot.

  • You will need a back up plan.

    • Upvoted cause I seriously lol'ed at this, thank you for the honest critic

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