Is it possible that Im having some version of a "writer's nervous breakdown"?(read details first)?

I am getting nervous at the thought of editing my novel that I wrote a month ago. I get really nervous thinking about it. Im also really frustrated after figuring out that the ideas that I worked hard to make original, have been used in books that I have never read before.

I find myself googling every single idea I ever had and comparing it to writers of books I never read. In my head I wonder, "How can this be?"

I get really really nervous at the thought of editing my novel. My heart starts beating fast.



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  • If you have some extra funds, I'd recommend hiring an editor to help you out. This can be expensive, though, so if not, the best thing to do is get friends and family to read it. It can be tough to self-edit without getting any feedback first; you could end up going around in circles and never really accomplishing anything.

    As for repeating ideas, don't worry about it. You wrote it, it's yours, there's very little chance your book is exactly like someone else's. Sure, there might be a few elements that are similar to other books but at this point, what isn't? Just because someone writes a book about a boy who can use magic doesn't mean it's a Harry Potter clone, and someone who writes a piece of erotica doesn't mean it's a 50 Shades clone.

    Worry less about recycled ideas and more about the quality and appeal of the writing.


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