How would ghosts work if they existed?

NB! This post is made just for fun and I don't believe at ghosts, supernatural things etc. But I wondering often at weird stuffs and likes to think how thing would be if they existed.

I would like to hear your opinions, belief and answers at these questions.
- Do ghosts have the ability to eat and drink?
- Do ghosts need to sleep?
- Why do ghost haunt people?
- Are ghosts always evil or can they be like 'normal' human beings? Humans have both good and bad sides.
- Why do ghosts sometime appear with clothes, other times in shroud/sheets?
- How do you think ghosts do looks like, appearance wise?
- Can ghosts change their clothes, appearance etc?
- Why do ghosts often being portrayed with flowing clothes, hair, white eyes without pupils, dark around their eyes and/or chains?
- Can ghosts talk like alive humans or make sounds with their voices?
- Do you think becoming a ghost is a punishment/negative or do you think it might be something positive with it too? (In some religion, people believes at hungry ghosts. It's a punishment according to their teaching)


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  • Why do ghosts always seem to be wearing clothes from the period they lived? Does that mean if you die wearing the clothes you like the least, you are going to be stuck in them forever?

    Where are all of the ghosts of cavemen? Why do we only see ghosts from eras we can understand because we have seen photos and painting depicting their clothing?

    The whole phenomenon is merely science we do not yet understand..

    • Good questions. :) Perhaps the ghosts aren't interested in following the newest fashion and likes the fashion from their eras better because they are more used to it. If ghosts can decide if they wants to be invisible or visible, it would also make more sense they can decide which clothes they wants to appear in and change clothes. Perhaps there are ghosts of cavemen, but very few people are interested in that era and therefor nobody are making ghost stories about them. I have no idea and I am just guessing.

    • Again, it is science we do not yet understand. A component of it we have a very small understanding of is mass hallucination. That is one piece of a larger, more complex puzzle involving mostly unknown/unrealized sciences.

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  • I dont believe in ghosts either , but I guess they won't need to eat or drink. They aren't flesh and blood unlike humans. Humans need to eat and drink to sustain their own life , ghosts are already dead so don't need to.

    If I came back as a ghost I'd haunt all those who have wronged me in someway 😂👻☺


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  • Simply astral reflections of people occupying the same plane in other parts of the world that are awake.

    And the "bad ones" are probably from other dimensions

  • They couldn't work because you would never know if they were at work or not. On the plus side they don't take up space at the desk

    • Anyway, there are many questions below the title. :) If you read them, you would know more about what this thread is about.

    • I know yet I posted what I did anyway

  • I think ghosts are spirits who help you maybe passed relatives

  • first of all I believe in them... now answer of ur questions

    1) no they don't eat and drink
    2) they don't sleep
    3) they hunt for diff reason like some stay and disturb them by living in there territory, their will which didn't finish in their life, someone killed them then hunt those people, some haunt people just cuz of their evil nature without any reason
    4) some ghosts are evils and some are good and like their nature they do things with human beings
    evil - torture people and haunt them, even don't hasitate to kill them
    good - help people whenever they are in problems
    5) can't say about appearance never saw any and don't want to either lol
    6) I don't think so they can change clothes or appearance etc
    7) to make them look more scarier and make audience fearful
    8) don't know about voices either
    9) being ghost is punishment cuz u can't live as human being or neither can die inshort u r in by the way hell and heaven and can't go any of them

  • In your brain


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