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I've just recently started dancing with a small group of my friends, and we're using the choreography from Youtube videos and doing a performance early November. I've got two questions...

1. How do I become more 'dance-like'? The people in the videos have a certain spring and aura about their steps that makes what they're doing so much more effortless yet impressive. I just can't get a hold of how to improve in that way. If there are any experienced dancers, could you please give me some tips? :)

2. What should we wear for the performance? It's a four minute long dance in front of our community of friends and family. It doesn't have to look like those fancy leotard tutu dress things, and we're quite keen on something we could wear again (i. e. leggings and a pretty top).

Any ideas are welcome :)


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  • 1. That just takes practice, experience, and passion. You need to get comfortable dancing as comfortable as you are walking. Then you'll just have to feel the music and the rest will come naturally. Watch professional dancing on YouTube and pay attention to details you could improve on. You should also have all the basics down before you 'explore'.

    2. Attire depends on the style of dance you're doing. You should wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable to move in and no accessories. Hair should be simple and keep it down if you're going to be flipping it around because it'll just get messy with a hair tie, clip, etc.

    Good luck on your performance!

    • Super helpful, thank you! :)

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  • In answer to your first question, has anyone explained to you how to carry your weight on the balls (front half) of your feet instead of the heels? That little easily overlooked fact can make or break a dancer. Practice walking, moving, bounding, etc on the balls of your feet, and it'll do wonders for your dance form and carriage. It'll even give you a graceful gait when walking!

    Also remember to not lock your knees when your legs are extended because it'll make your movements rigid instead of fluid.

    Tons more could be said, but these are two of the biggest things that help inexperienced dancers with their form and carriage. Good luck!


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  • The only way to look natural is to love what you do. Feel natural and really give yourself to the music. Don't be shy to exagerate while dancing, feel the vybe, enjoy the dance.

    By the way 4 minutes is extremly long.

    • I know, but that bit wasn't our decision. And thanks :)

  • practice. no pain, no gain

    and whatever you want. people generally don't care what you're wearing, since it's about the performance, after all

  • 1. Practice... It really helps

    2. Comfortable clothing


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