What bond is most commo in America?

  • mother daughter
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  • mother son
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  • mother both gender equal
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  • I think it is an equal bond for a mother with their children of either gender.

    • Americans favour daughters over sons... do you adults think we kids don't see it? We know you favour girls over boys we may be kids but we see everything

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  • The James bond.

  • Son-xbox

    • Does it hurt that they care morecords for their daughters do you get angry at it? Dude emotion is your enemy. don't allow emotion to rule you. rule it. and if womenough tell you different. just know that emotion is their gun it is their ammunition to hurt men. don't listen to when they say away talk about your feelings... as if they give a chap about your feelings to begin with. take controls of emotion... don't allow it to rule you... emotion is your enemy. ... endurance is your friend and ally

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    • Dude why do Americans favor girls over boys... thendurance bitch about gender equality. ..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • People bitch about gender equality but then they go favouring girls over boys... like wife? I don't care that favor girls... I care when when they go out out of their way to make life hard for boys then bitch about equality... do you get I'm saying?

  • Bail bond

    • Daughters are blessed they both dadays and mommy's favourites... the boy on the other hand... teach boys to not seek affection from anyone teach boys that emotion is your enemy. Those who fall under emotion get hurt badly

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