Girls, Is the mother son bond strong in Brittain or complicated?

How is the brittish mother and since relationship. I know brittish chicks are very manly and hard compared to American chicks... you very tough folk in brittain
  • strong in brittain
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  • complicated in brittain
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  • Not that strong to be fair from what I've seen. But then again I know a lot of Italians so in comparison to them it's a HUGE difference and the British just come across as, well not so close to their mothers.
    It's hard to say really but on average I think their relationship is generally pretty neutral.

    • Are you brittish?

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    • Would you love a son as you would a daughter. . I know it's girls with daughters and guys with son modern parent fads

  • You are 13. You don't know anything.

    • Then elaborate tell me how is the mother son relationship in England or UK tell me I'm not brittish

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    • I apologise if I sounded insulting... it was not my intention to offend you

    • Okay then would you love your son as you love your daughter?

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