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I'm really confused. I've been wanting to buy a ps for myself for quite a while now, since my sister (who owns three) moved out a while ago and so did the ps'.

Now, my problem: I'm torn what to do. I want a ps3, because I love a lot of games on that one and can play ps2 games on it as well.
I want a ps4 because there are special games out there I adore and just want to play too. (THE LAST GUARDIAN IS COMING)
so, which one do I buy? Or should I just buy the 3 first, and buy the 4 later? I could always buy TLG and play it at my sisters house.

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  • It really depends on what you can afford. If you have a low budget then I would go for a PS3 or Xbox 360.

    If you want a next-gen console but you want a cheap option, then I would go for an Xbox One. If you have the money to spend then get the PS4.

    If you are super rich then get both.

    • If you are super rich then get both the XB1 and PS4*

    • I can afford a ps3 rn, (about 100-200 euros) but not a ps4. I'm okay with saving a little longer but it's just just that I'm going to a theme park this month and have to save about 500 euros to go to albu feira, so.. thank you!

    • If I were you then I would just settle for the PS3 for now and then sell it along with the games when I have enough money for a PS4.

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  • PS4, take that one, cause now they'll just make games for just that. You got to move on with the time

    • True, but I feel like right now ps3 has waaay more games to offer than a ps4, and a lot more games I like too.

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    • Calitalism

    • Capitalism*

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  • You can't play ps2 on ps3 unless you own the original 40gb version

    Ideally just go with ps4 but if money is an issue ps3 is fine too

    • I think I'll be able to get my hands on one of those. Thanks!

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    • How much for a ps4?

    • About 300-400 euros

  • Buy a ps4 and add me on psn ;)


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