Rate my voice please of 0-10, 10 being the best, how is my voice? Also, which singer do I sound like?

I want some honest feedback as I am just beginning to sing, and hoping to make a career out of it. So, any honest feedback will be appreciated and if you have any recommendations or tips would love that too, thanks. :)

Here's a link of me singing Careless Whisper by George Michaels -

Would like real feedback. Also, my voice has that raspyiness and I hate it, how can I get rid of that?
Thanks to everyone who gave tips honestly wish I could give MHO to everyone, highly appreciate them, would still like some more tips on how to improve.


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  • Your voice didn't have raspiness at all to me... I think you have a solid tone, though I'd say you seem to be lacking in technique and control. I'd recommend working more on breathing through your diaphragm in a strong and supportive way.

    There were some pitch issues, and some "sliding" going on (where you hit a note and slide up to the correct one) which I think you were adding for stylistic purposes. Maybe you could try singing without slighting and just hitting the note right on first, and then you can add style later once your breathing and pitch is good.

    Other than that, your voice has a nice tone, and some work on breathing and pitch could really benefit :)

    • Alright, thanks you seem like you know a lot about singing. My question would be, how can I control my breathing? Like whenever I'm singing I run out of breathe and start sounding horrible. And what i meant by raspiness was that my voice cracks maybe not the best term for it. But thanks a lot!! Highly appreciate your opinion.

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    • Hmmm... definitely make sure you're breathing correctly. Maybe think of it like instead of drawing air in (like we normally think of breathing), think of it like PULLING air in (your diaphragm is lowering and creating a "vacuum" that pulls air from the outside in). As you exhale, think of your stomach like a heavy "paperweight" (or, like, you know those inflatable punching bags with sand on the bottom that keeps it from flying when you punch it? Maybe like that). Lip trills really help with controlling breathing. And always believe mentally that you will absolutely finish the phrase without breath to spare (some of it's mental).

      And if your voice cracks, it means there's tension in the throat. Mentally shift your focus towards your diaphragm (like the inflatable punching bag analogy, your throat is as lax as air, while your diaphragm is the weight). Ahhh!! I'm running out of space 😂 ... blehhh...

    • Yes, @goldfinch23 is right. If you don't have a teacher, seriously consider one. They'll give you immediate feedback, and they went through the same struggles of singing that you have/will.

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  • i feel really bad saying this... but you were a little flat. I've definitely heard much much worse, but I think maybe you need to distinguish more of a style for yourself. You sound a bit nervous maybe too? Overall, not super great, but it sounds like you are trying to improve. Keep it up, even if singing is not your best talent, it can be improved on. Try to work on pitch, and do vocal warm ups and exercises, good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice, how can I increase my vocal range? I mean I just started so I know I'm gonna suck.

    • please don't be down on yourself!! I never ever want to put a damper on someones dreams! Luckily, increasing vocal range is pretty easy. When I was in my singing classes (in grade school and high school) my teacher had us do vocal scales EVERY DAY as a warm up exercise. You can look them up on youtube and follow them! after a few months of doing them you should notice your range should improve.

  • 6. Better average. But... If you are serious about your singing career, you'll need a teacher. In your case it's must.

    • Alright thanks for the rate. Would you know what exactly I would need to improve on?

    • Like already being said. Breath control and technique. That's how your voice will sound much better. Try to look at some teachers.

  • You need to project more, you sing in an almost apologetic manner

    Sing like you have the feeling of unbridled freedom

    • Thanks for the honest response.. and how can I do this?

    • sing like it is your last chance ever to sing and channel from deep within

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