Rings: A sequel, or remake of The Ring?

So I found out that the release date was pulled ahead for "Rings" to February of next year. Not a good sign! I'm still not entirely sure yet if it's gonna be a sequel, or a remake. It looks like it could go either way.

Case for a remake:

- Samara is the only character returning, along with the creepy video. (But is all of it identical?)

- Samara has now somehow mastered the art of binding the Loopworld dimension wherein she resides as a near-omnipotent demonness to all forms of video feed, not just VHS. So clearly, taking a page from Jeannine of Fear Dot Com's book and weaponizing the web is the logical next step. In the new one, was it always the web, or is this a learned adaptation?

Case for a sequel:

- She's more powerful in Loopworld than Meatspace. How long before she pulls the lid off the well in Loopworld, and resumes her reign of terror? Even the ending of The Ring Two implied that Rachel's putting the lid back on was only a temporary fix.

- She wants to be reborn via Julia. This is logical; she already tried it once with Aidan.

- Promo material claims that someone copied the VHS feed to the web. Which means adaptation, rather than the web always being Samara's method. (Because then it'd be Pulse or Fear Dot Com.)

- Bad deer CGI are going to force Dreamworks to make a new universe?

Any other Ringworms on here that care to share your insights/thoughts on this?

Even in Japan, they realized Sada-mara would have to adapt to the web to remain a credible horror movie threat. (And if Freddy and Jason can be reinvented every 10 years or so, why not Samara?)
Note: The term "Ringworm" for fans of "The Ring" (or any related merchandise) goes back to at least 2004 (but probably earlier, including 1999.)

This was to distinguish fans of "The Ring" from fans of "Lord of the Rings" - who went by "Ringlings." These disputes on fan base naming conventions were a hot topic on EZBoard back in 2004-2005, back when that site existed.


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  • Okay then

  • It is a sequel

    • Let's hope then, that it is a credible sequel, not a remquel like that all-lady Ghostbusters that flopped.

    • I don't know, it was originally supposed to come out last November, then April 1st, then October of this year, and now February.

    • Sounds like production is muddled, and they have no faith in their own project. I'll probably see it anyway, but I'm going in with low expectations. They were supposed to release it in 2009 as The Ring Three, and then that didn't happen. They re-announced it was going to be worked on again in 2013, and then that didn't happen either.

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