Does anyone have any tips on how to get back at my friend for inviting me to read this manga called Sawarite Syndrome?

Ok so I have read mangas before but I recently got a link to this free one and it was in the news section of this forum. The headline made it seemed interesting so I clicked on it, I thought it was free so what can it hurt?

There was this guy who approached a tree, it looked suspenseful, so I turned it, and I kept turning the pages. Then I saw what looked like tentacles and I thought ok maybe this is some type of monster or a dream sequence, but the tentacles were feeling on him!!!

Why me!!!


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  • I say the wise thing to do is before you read anything, look it up and find out what's it about. Don't get back at him. Just tell him that your not interested in that kind of genre and leave it alone. I don't like that either. I like to read manga that is worth reading.

  • You want to get back at someone who suggested something you might like?

    • No he did not suggest something that I liked he knew that I would not like it

    • So don't read it again? Someone pointed out a bird out the window today and I looked. Im terrified of birds but I'm an adult and I'll get over it.
      If your age is correct you're 23, just tell him you weren't a fan and not to recommend it again

  • Tentacle porn is so common in Japan right now, you have no idea.


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