Do I have the right to say that I never was a gamer?

I really feel ashamed for being a gamer once, and even more ashamed that I started again playing when I was 20. I stopped when I was 14, but started again when I turned 20.

This summer, after 4 years I stopped once and for all, and I don't want to touch any video-game console again. Hope this time I will keep my word, and don't start again later, like I did when I was 20.

But if someone asked me about video-games, I will claim that I never had played in my life not even once. Do I have the right to say this? And will they believe me?
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  • Uuuuh gamers rule. What the fuck is there to be ashamed of?

    I am the CONFIRMED sniper queen!


    Saying you're ashamed of being a gamer is like being ashamed of having an awesome, fun time! Be proud!

    • I view it more like a bad addiction like drugs. Yes I admit I had a good and fun time, but the same thing happens when you are on drugs. You feel high.

      So if you were a drug user, would you feel proud for being on drugs once?

    • I'm not "addicted" to gaming, but it is more on the harmless side, if it doesn't stop you from living a healthy happy life then it's kosher.

      Crack on the other hand is a little different.

  • No because you'd be lying. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Just be honest.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Yes because it's not big deal. Who the hell would care if you were or not. I'm in the same position I'm tired of losing to these f's online so I did the only honerable thing to stop playing and hate them..

  • You have the right to state any true and uninsulting preference you have.
    What do you do for fun instead, btw?


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  • You are what you are. You like what you like. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Were you really addicted to playing them non-stop for hours, days, week or even months? If so maybe you just have to work on time management, have a work-play balance in life and that will all be fine.

    I don't understand why you would feel ashamed of enjoying what you liked.

  • This use why I hate the gaming/ "nerd" community. They look down on you for not being a hardcore fan. Its alright that you're a casual gamer. Just shows you had better things to do than sit on your ass

  • Why are you so embarrassed about it though? It's just entertainment.

    • I rather walking around my town during my free time, than staying at home and playing a shitty game, that will offer me nothing.

    • Why not both? I do both. Nothing bad about that.

  • Why would you be ashamed of it?

    • I don't know exactly but I feel really bad about it. But essentially I was raised with video-games since I started to play when I was like 6-7. It wasn't my fault though. I was so small then, to judge wether it was right or wrong.

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    • Then get an outside hobby as well and expand your interests

    • Yeah I take walks.

  • why ashamed of it?

    dude i love slaying demons.


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