Are there any "work from home" jobs that are actually real?

i'm trying to find a new job that i can fit around my school schedule. the job i'm at currently doesn't pay a whole lot, and i need to get away from my boss.


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  • Amazon customer service has work from home jobs; I know because one of my clients just started doing such a job. I would guess that other companies also have some c/s work at home positions.


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  • Yes there are but most don't pay well and is more of a supplement income to your other job. I think the best "work from home" job is virtual customer service. Some companies like American Express, Apple and Alpine Access. You go through a training and provide customer service to incoming callers and make some outbound calls for promotions or to check up on a customer.

  • a friend of mine works from home~ she's a travel agent with carlsson wagonlit (i think that's the name, at least), although it's full-time and definitely not student-friendly.

    i'm a student as well, though i have a part-time retail job that i love. maybe you can find something similar where you live that is able to accommodate your schedule.

  • A few ideas here...

    If you have some technical ability, maybe you can work on a corporate help desk or call center. Come to think of it, don't need a lot as most companies work out of a manual. There are temp agencies that have these jobs. They provide the equipment in your house and you're good to go.

    There are also sites out there that pay for surveys.

    You could also do something like open up an ebay store. It's really not too hard. There's lots of stuff online that explains the different ways you can do it.

    It's kinda late now. If I think of more later, I'll pass them along.

  • Yes my mom had the option to work from home, she worked at a customer support for a gambling site. She just needed to install a couple programs and buy a headset and she was ready to work from home.

  • Can't you just try a different job that doesn't involve too many hours out the house


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