Why do I get ignored on social media?

Most of my social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc i have less than 10 followers (i have 10-11 followers on Twitter, 6 on Instagram) so it makes sense i'd be ignored (aka no likes, maybe one comment IF I'M LUCKY) but a select few social media i have, Google+, Xbox Live, YouTube) i have 50+ followers (i have 72 followers on Xbox, 972 followers on Google+, and 1,546 subscribers on YouTube) and i'm STILL ignored! And it's not like people dont see my posts. Since i have 100+ followers, the odds that at least ONE PERSON sees it are high. Yet people are refusing to like/comment. When i confront people "oh i can't talk im busy" ur not busy or you wouldn't be able to post 56,543,234,567,876,544 times a day! by the way im exagerating. So i leave and come back to 99+ notifications. NO COMMENTS ON ANY OF MY POSTS. This shouldn't bother me so much but it does.


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  • I feel the same way sometimes.
    I used to have lots of messages on here now a lot of times I have 1 after not logging on for an entire day.

    Do you have a lot of friends in real life?

    • I have two. One i've known since 10th grade, so i've known him for 3 years He's a year older than me so he already graduated and is attending CRC. One is two years younger than me, i've known him since 4th grade seven years ago

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    • my point is I've been single my ENTIRE life

    • You won't be in sure. Not all the time

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