Your thoughts on the nintendo switch?

Im really on the fence about it and they have a lot more work to do before they'll convince me to buy another console.

I bought both the wii and wii-u and whilst they had some cool games i only played them for about a month before they were shoved into a drawer and forgotten about.

The switch looks like it'll be much the same... another gimmicky console with no staying power.

here's hoping they prove me wrong though as I really am a fan of nintendo, just not their consoles.


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  • I am not sure what to think. A large part of me thinks it was a bad business move for several reasons i will get into.

    The other part of me feels as though, people will perceive it as "new", not quite as successfully as wii done but similar for a shorter period of time.

    It's faults are obvious. The main issue with making a system that is designed to be BOTH a console and a portable machine is you have to cut corners in both the experience and the hardware.

    - Developers will be tasked with focusing on only making experiences that are designed around portability and home play. They can't go full blown at home console experiences because it'll be deterimental to the pick up and play aspect needed for an ease of use portable machine that is designed to be something you can quickly use on the go when you have some free time.
    - part of me feels like this won't even be that common either. It'll be an untilised feature for the majority of people because most people have moved away from a dedicated home console experience on the go and moved towards mobile phones that can do gaming and more. Most people won't want to bring multiple machines

    - There is a big difference between a laptop and a desktop at the same price regarding performance. A desktop for £1000 will absolutely outcompete a laptop for the same price. The smaller hardware is more costly to produce and also has to balance performance with power management because they don't want to destroy the battery
    - as i mentioned. They have to balance graphical power with battery usage. They can't utilise the whole graphics chip because it is held back by the need to conserve battery.
    - the small size means they have to take into consideration heating a lot more than if it were a dedicated home console with large fans
    - Due to it's size, it is very likely mobile phones will soon outcompete it graphically. Especially nvidia who are likely to update the graphics card they provide for the switch in a neew shield device

    I don't think it was very smart

    BUT i think if for example the docking station was built to scale up graphics and kind of work as a graphics amplifier when connected. It could help address this tremendously. But due to the size... i doubt they done that at all. Even if they did, it's too small to give it much more performance

    So i don't see multiplatform developers providing releases for it either. It'll have a smaller more dedicated number of games designed for the platform

    • consoles are trying to move towards VR too. I think it is too underpowered to really provide a good experience with that. especially if it becomes really popular then i think nintendo will get left behind even further.

      I do think it'll have an exploive release though which will likely scale down after a few weeks or months

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    • I think VR is something that most pople always wanted and envisioned the gaming experience to be. They tried it decades ago with much more limited experiences, i feel as though VR will be the mainstream but it is more of a matter of timing vs people wanting it. It's too early to say but I feel like sony will partially make VR mainstream as much as it can be but it will pick up.

      Yeah, regarding developers. I think they will have to make too many adjustments to work around the new switch. I don't know what the capacity is of their propritary catridges will be that they use. Butt I don't imagine they have a really high capacity due to the cost. Mainstream microsd cards and sd are still very expensive relative to the price of each sold game for it to be too high of a capacity. I'm thinking maybe they might manage a maximum of 50gb but more realistically around 20. Not much 4k gaming on it

      They will have to do a LOT of scaling back to squeeze it on plus the issue with trying to fit it

    • to the way nintendo is trying to make it suhc as being portability friendly. I don't think they will choose nintendo over playstation and xbox which have more core experiences built for home gaming with a controller.

      The wii was something developers needed to utilise. The switch... instead i feel like they have to ruin the gaming experience a bit. It's that extra time/money/effort they have to spent making it a dual experience of get up and go expereiences vs home gaming. They will likely later switch to the more obvious choice. The home console experieence.

      then they are stuck with a tablet powered console trying to provide a full blown console experience

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  • I think it looks amazing and it's exactly what I wish the Wii U had been. I love the idea of being able to grab the tablet from the docking station and being able to take your console games on the go. This will also allow Nintendo to churn out more games as they won't have to split their design teams between two formats. I can't wait to get one.


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  • I think it's the fully fledged vision of what Nintendo thought the Wii U was supposed to be.

    But I'm not sure there's a huge audience for that. Maybe I'm wrong, but it'll come down to a number of factors, including support from the big game developing studios.

    Let's see. This is going to be interesting.

    • "I think it's the fully fledged vision of what Nintendo thought the Wii U was supposed to be."

      thats my biggest worry. we dont need a wii-u v2.

      you're right, it will be interesting to see what the final product will be.

  • A Bisexual Nintendo.
    It ain't right for the kids :(


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