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A story of an underdog fighter who seeks to one day make it to the top to one day become a fighting champion. but along the way learns the importance of humility grace and honor as he goes on his journey to become the best.
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  • awesome sounds like a 90s van damme movie
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  • fucking awesome man. seriously, love it.

    • Real authentic mauy thai is involved. the story Starts off as kicking boxing but progresses to may thai

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    • The new rule in television media is to put females above males. even if you could be here grandfather. That is why tv is the way it has become these days. they are following the put woman above rule.

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  • Good and valuable!

    • Has that 80-90s element to it right?

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    • Grew up in an all girl household. their energy rubbed off on me like I am surrounded by female energy. even raised by it. You can even felt it. We don't have a lot of males in my family. the only males are the children.

    • I understand. That's cool! You are very polite and smart. They raised you very well! :)

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