It's Halloween time soooo if you had to get stalked by one of these antogonistic villains who?

Who's easier to get away from/kill etc.
  • Jason
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  • Freddy Krueger
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  • Ghostface (scream)
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  • Michael Myers
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  • Chainsaw Massacre Dude
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  • Chucky
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  • Jeepers Creepers Guy
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chucky or Ghostface are probably more easier to get away from or fight back against. Ghostface is really just a human psycho from all the Scream movies. I'd go with Chucky, only because of his size, I have a better chance of outrunning Chucky won't even have to confront him directly.

    Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Jeepers Creepers all have supernatural capabilities and would be hard to beat without the right equipment, weapons or armor. Wouldn't want to ever confront them, and the odds of survival is low, even some of the original survivors eventually get killed in later sequels.

    The worst part is you can't keep those creeps down forever since they just won't die and stay dead forever. They will keep coming back to life over and over again no matter how many times you kill them.

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Dude's name is Leatherface by the way, and although he doesn't possess or wield any supernatural capabilities, since he's also only a human, but his weapon is formidable at close range. I wouldn't want to ever get chased by a chainsaw wielding maniac unless I had one myself to fight back with in the first place! But I much rather have a BOOMSTICK!

    • Yea I forgot his name while making this lol. Ghost face is kinda quick too tho, nd he keeps coming back if it's someone new or not. And Michael is the closest to a nonhuman human, but he walks so slow lol. It's really over if he corners you but couldn't you outrun him.

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    • Yea they both crazy as hell lol, ima try to skidaddle as best as I can lol everybody for themselves

Most Helpful Girl

  • I know its a laughable movie at this point but Chucky creeped me the f*** out when i was little. Plus he's little and thus sneaky.

    So i picked ghost face. Because; he has a tendancy to call you before he kills you so at least you gotta heads up.

    • I see why something so innocent portrayed as untrustworthy lol I can't. He doesn't call everytime time you could be in the vicinity or just open your door nd he right there

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    • Thanks for MHO!

      @deraz24 Chucky does die in all of the movies, well I remember how he died the original 3, in the first he was lit up and burned and then shot in the heart, in the second movie, he was killed by putting an air hose in his mouth which inflated his head till it exploded. In the 3rd movie he was killed by a giant fan, after getting his hand cut off from a knife and dropping into it. I didn't see the movies after 3 since things got really boring to me by then.

    • @JudgmentDay I now know that from the marathon I watched close to Halloween lol

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  • I find Chucky funny, in fact, a hilarious troll. Although understandably he's got human strength, just get ready some hot wax to melt him down.

    • Yea a good drop kick and peel lol

    • Or use a flamethrower and watch him burn, I remember how funny it was when he was trapped in the first movie and they light his ass up LOL

  • 1. Chucky - I could take him out.
    2. Ghostface - after all, he is just a human.
    3. Leatherface - only if I had a shotgun.
    The others - No way man :P

    • You can't fight any of the others directly. They'll crush you because they have supernatural capabilities. Instead it's best to turn them against each other somehow instead. Without superpowers, the right equipment, weapons, ammo or armor, it's impossible to even last a few seconds against the rest. Jeepers Creepers weakness (es) haven't even been revealed yet, it just hibernates after a certain amount of time, and it's flight ability makes it very dangerous and I can't remember what will work against and stop Michael Myers. The rest have weaknesses but it's suicidal to confront them since you have to be up close and personal in order exploit their weaknesses.

    • @JudgmentDay Exactly, that's what I meant.

  • Anyone but Hillary or Trump. :P

    Now THOSE two are scary. The other ones are like teddy bears in comparison. Kruger can come hold me and keep me safe when I have nightmares of Trump hiding in the closet or Hillary hiding under the bed.

    I wonder how many people will dress as Trump this Halloween. Hillary will be hard to do, but for Trump all you need is the hair. Instead of trick or treat you can just yell, "gimme a treat or I'll build a wall around your house". Everyone will be dumping entire bowls of candy in your bag. :)

  • Chucky is just a doll but anything inhuman freaks me out.


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