Does anyone know how to make these pictures? or any type of graphic design portraits?

i always see cool pictures like this and they're designed to look like people and i think they're so cool! but i don't know how to do them. if anyone knows how they're made/what they're called or a website i can make them on, that would be amazing!

Does anyone know how to make these pictures? or any type of graphic design portraits!?


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  • It's called Pop Art - look up Roy Lichtenstein! It would help to learn to draw... you could get some really old comic books and copy the style. I'd do a drswing and scan it into photoshop to colour it. I wouldn't know about any of your modern website shortcuts, though!

  • Its called a drawing. Most of which are done by hand, this kind you would do by hand, scan onto the computer, then touch up with photoshop or, if you're poor like me, any free to use art program.

    Or if you're semi efficient in digital art just do it straight onto the computer.

    This is NOT a difficult image to create.

  • I know that people do graphic design bully using one of those track pad things with certain programs. But I bet if you search up graphic design for beginners on a website called deviantart which has users that use a lot of graphic designs programs could help! I hope this helps, can you answer mine? Thanks
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