Anybody ever hear of Jem, the cartoon series?

I grow up with two other girls, a while back, and they were fans of it, so I ended up watching it. It kind of is a kids soap opera, but I love it because it is about a Cinderella story and crazy technology, that is almost like a super power. Almost like a form of female power rangers without the fighting.
Anybody ever hear of Jem, the cartoon series?I wonder what you guys think of the movie. I thought it had so much potential, but I think they did it a disservice by taking the major effects of the holograms and synergy out of the plot. and turned it into an American idol, contest.
Anybody ever hear of Jem, the cartoon series?That movie really deserves a redo, or maybe there can have a rebooted tv series?
The good thing is that there is now a comic book, which has new jem adventures..
Anybody ever hear of Jem, the cartoon series?
Have you guys heard of this? Does it bring back any childhood memories? What do you think of it?

here is random videos I found on youtube

also I a pretty sure it is on netfilx


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  • My mom apparently loved the show when she was younger. Don't think she saw the movie. I haven't seen any of it. Kinda looks like it would've been a cool show though.


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  • I remember Jem. Didn't watch it, really, but I remember seeing the intro, maybe watched an episode somewhere along the way.


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