What are your thoughts about the trailer of "Logan" ?

im very excited for this movie, it looks soo damn awesome to me. but im sad that its the last time that hugh and professor x is gonna be in this franchise

What are your thoughts about the trailer of


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  • Yeah I'm excited for it. I've always wanted them to make a movie on the Old Man Logan storyline. They don't have all the characters for it, but it's something.

    I'm hoping it's R rated though. Because why wouldn't you want an R rated Wolverine film?

    • yeah, im excited for it too. it will be awesome if that movie is R rated.

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  • I feel super mixed about it.

    On the one hand, it will be dramatic and a must-see because it's Hugh Jackman's last appearance as Wolverine, and possibly Patrick Stewart's last appearance as Xavier.

    On the other hand, I'm going to be pissed if the other X-Men are really dead in this new timeline, and if it really is doomed to be this crappy-looking new future. xD The whole point of "Days of Future Past" in the storyline was to prevent the Sentinel-dominated future, and to show a better future in its place, where the X-Men are all alive and together in Xavier's mansion. But this "Logan" movie --- supposedly taking place one year after that moment --- now shows a future that is just as crappy (only in a different way from the Sentinels). xD

    It will make all the previous movies --- and everything the X-Men fought for --- pointless, UNLESS they are planning to have another time-traveling episode. I've heard that might be why the filmmakers are bringing in Cable for a future movie.

    • who's cable?
      by the way i totally agree with you, but im sure it will not be the end of x-men in this movie, they will come up with something that will lead to the next part of this movie

    • Cable is a mutant who grows up in the distant future, but time travels back to the time of the X-Men. In the 1990s cartoon version of the story, for example, he time-traveled back to the present day of the X-Men in order to prevent a future dominated by the villain Apocalypse, if I remember that right.


      And yeah you're right; even if just for business reasons, the studio won't just end the series with everyone dead haha; that would make more movies impossible for them. :P

    • oh okay, that cable guy sounds pretty interesting.
      im having a thought that the new mutant girl in logan will be the cause of the new part of x-men

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  • So gutted no more Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after this

  • It makes me sad.

  • Haven't seen it yet

    • i have attached the link of the trailer in this question, you can see it

    • Thanks

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  • I was excited-til I heard it was rated r and how gory it is-I hated to pass it... terrible start to an already terrible month

    • Frankly, it doesn't seem to be anything other then a logan was a gorefest to kill the x men and ruin the the whole reason the xmen were even formed