My top 5 horror games! What are yours?

5) Resident evil 2

This is the least scary of all these games, and its on this list more because of nostalgia. However, it has some unbeatable atmosphere and is probably the game I played most on the playstation. The tension was stifling and I was fully immersed in the game. So much so I was often too scared to leave the save rooms. I actually felt safe just chilling and organising my inventory.

4) Nightmare creatures – playstation 1

Seriously, Put on some head phones, turn out the lights and just listen to this.

this is the equivalent of blood borne on the PS1. This game gave me nightmares as a kid, and its sound track still gives me the creeps.

3) Parasite eve 2 – Playstation 1

I never hear this game mentioned, but it is one of the best survival horror/rpgs on the system. There is one boss fight in particular that gave me nightmares. The blizzard chaser.

I don’t know why, but the deep panting and grunts this thing makes scared me shitless as a kid.

2) Dead space 1 – playstation 3

The scifi/horror theme is probably the best example I've ever seen. I can't praise this game enough. From the dynamic player deaths, to the atmosphere and the scares, this game nailed it!

1) bioshock – playstation 3

oh man! This game is creppy on a whole different level, even more so because its not trying to be a horror game. The story is fantastic and touches on some deep underlying political themes. That, and the big daddies are terrifying. I dont know what it is about this game that truly scares me... it might be the constant whispering from enemies or the fucked up mind set of everyone you meet. As i said, its not trying to be a horror game, which just makes it all the more creepy.


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  • This is a hard list to rank here, this is in no particular order. The brackets are the platforms I played them on or prefer.

    5. The Suffering 1 & 2 [original Xbox]
    4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent [PC]
    3. Condemned 1 [PC] & 2 [Xbox 360]
    2. Dead Space [PC]
    1. Cthulu: Dark Corners of The Earth (must play) [PC]

    I'd write more about why I like them all but I'm pretty out of it at the moment. I never heard of Nightmare Creatures and Parasite Eve, I'll have to look those up, sounds interesting.

    • I've never heard of cthulu: dark corners of the earth... is it a pc exclusive?

    • It was on the original Xbox and PC as far as I remembered. I had it on the original Xbox as a kid and it scared me. Played it years later on PC and it still has that edge, it is a really good game, the atmosphere is unlike anything seen in most horror games. You should get it on PC, you'd be able to run since it's pretty old. It's on Steam.

  • Very nice collection! I also like a few of the games you mentioned. Resident evil is one of my favourites, I used to spend all night playing it on the PS years ago.
    I would say my top 5 are:
    1) The Fear series
    2) Dead space
    3) Dead Island (series is pretty fun first person- slasher, zombie game)
    4) Killing Floor (is also a co-op for PC)
    5) Left 4 dead (I haven't gotten far in this one, but what I did play of it I really enjoyed)

  • I like Silent Hill 2.

    • yeah, the entire silent hill series is good! I played them all as a kid and silent hill 1 just missed out from being on my list. It was a toss up between SH1 and resi 2. resi 2 took it because of pure nostalgia.

    • Understandable.

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