Guys, How does it feel for a car enthusiast to get a driving licence?

Hello , I am 16 and a half now... I can start making my licence in 6 months but can get the licence at 18. I am nervous and can't wait anymore.

How did you feel when you got your licence? Was it like you expected it to be? Is it worth to wait like crazy? I live in a small town so I would use the car to drive a few kilometers to the city next to my town because there are all my friends... But they mean a lot to me , car guys know the feeling...

My family is into cars so its a little easier for me to wait.


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  • When you're young, things like this are really magnified because your world is so small. I was really excited when I get my license and loved my new found freedom, but it'll wear off soon as the ability to drive becomes the norm. Just be patient as it'll all come soon enough.

    • Thats my worry. Thanks for sharing your opinion! :)

  • It was quite a liberating feeling.


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