Which is the quintessential AOR album in your opinion?

I would say I-Ten's Taking A Cold Look from 1983 is that one. Also Stan Bush & Barrage's Self-Titled album from 1987, which defines the mid-to-late 80s AOR pretty much.


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  • Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

    • This is Progressive Rock not AOR.

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    • But it's also considered a separate genre of its own, and it's basically "Melodic Hard Rock". Pink Floyd were never labeled as AOR.

      With the same logic, even R. E. M. or Nirvana might be labeled as "AOR" if you play their entire albums on air.

    • They played the shit out of this album. What made this one so great for AOR is the songs all run together. Back in the mid '70s when AOR was starting there was no distinction. If it was rock and popular for their target audience it got played. You asked for the best AOR album and I'm sticking with this one

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