Anime Role Play?

I am currently dating a guy that is super into anime... my heritage is Chinese and I would love to dress up as an anime character for him XD

Does anybody know of any ideas I could dress up as? I'm not very big, but I am also not tiny. The way I'd describe myself: if you took a curvy, plus sized woman and miniaturized her to 5 foot. I'm more stock than fat. I guess you could say I have a "softer, sturdier build".

Are there any anime characters that don't look like tooth picks? Or do you really think it matters? I'm not what you would consider a "traditional build" (very small), so I feel sorta insecure...

Also, I don't watch anime :/ So I could use some suggestions for characters...Anime Role Play?
Anime Role Play?
Anime Role Play?
Anime Role Play?


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  • Oh my god how long have you practised yoga?

    You should cosplay as... Tsunade (Naruto shipp)

    • I was in gymnastics for 9 years :) I'm pretty flexible. I will look that up! Thanks!

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    • thanks for the 'tutorial' :p

    • by the way does it have to be an anime figure? Are games also good?

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  • do you know what his favorite ones are? if so dress up as someone from them

  • You ever watch the show Bible Black?


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