I dislike anime and manga because it's mostly young people in it, is it normal?

I see people reading manga and watching anime. Maybe it's just me, but I have a huge, seething hatred for anime and manga.

The reason why is because they show young people doing things that are way more mature beyond their age. Like if they're in high school, they're doing adult stuff already. And if they're young adults, they're supposed to be super successful. And I hate how it says that high school years are the best years of your life. They weren't for me, since I was bullied heavily in school.

It doesn't happen to people like me who are late bloomers. I didn't make my first friend until I was 18. I didn't learn to drive until age 19. And I didn't graduate college until age 23. And I, at age 26, am currently in graduate school. And I do not expect to become a full professional until I'm about 35.

I hate how anime makes everyone a young prodigy and doesn't show the late bloomers like myself. I mean, Gundam Wing has 15-year-old Heero Yuy piloting a massive mecha called the Wing Zero, that's how ridiculous it looks.

Now about what I like: Star Trek. Star Trek is something that I highly relate to, since it seems more practical and realistic, using hard work, intelligence, and diplomacy, instead of stupid magic. And the best part is that it has adults in their 30's and 40's as the main characters. And sounds weird, but I relate to older characters more than younger ones.

Does anyone else feel this way?


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  • Well you also have to remember too that your basically saying you hate all animations and comic books. So you have to properly say that you hate all things that are Japanese animations and comics. Its not weird. But you also need to understand that Japanese culture have children understand sex and adult things at a very young age. They are far more mature than anywhere else in America and some cultures. Plus their is a good amount of anime that shows adults like Cowboy Bebop as an example. You just have to find them. But the issue is some adult anime and manga may not be your taste either.

    Also with the Gundam reference. In the future, its younger people are able to live longer than adults and can process information better. That has some truth to it. Now kids today are more tech savvy and practically know everything depending on how you were raised and were educated from. And the thing is in Japan, a lot of young adults do become successful. Why do you think Japan is also advanced in their technology. Meanwhile our technology is nowhere near as advanced as theirs and they are a few decades ahead of us.

    • Okay, how about Star Trek? I told you, that's my example of what I consider my type, since it's older adults as the main characters and they use intelligence and diplomacy, not ridiculous powers.

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    • I don't know about Japan, but things aren't the same as they used to be in the United States. Like a bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma.

      And people are less mature here than they used to be, since the economy is catastrophic. Lots of millennials move back home after college, since jobs are scarce. And there's no more traditions, since our financial situation is dire.

      I don't know how mature I am. I live with my parents and I work a full time job, though it doesn't pay as much as I would need, had I lived in a big city. I don't own a car. I am $19,000 in student loan debt after transferring colleges twice. I am currently working on a master's degree.

    • @chc0009

      I live with my dad now too. I can't afford my own place yet, and is looking to pursue a degree very soon. A lot has happened in my life where it prevented me from doing what is needed to be done. With the way this world is people can't afford it unless they had help financially to support them, or they had a good stable job to save up if they started work at the legal age.

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  • A lot of manga does skew the responsibilities people have. It seems to be more prevalent today. Most of my favorite animes and manga the main characters are adults. Things like the original gundam vs newer ones show the difference. In the original Amuro was a 15 year old kid but he was also at times treated like a kid and acted spoiled so it seemed more real. In newer animes the main character will be the same age but he's for whatever reason given complete control and respect by everyone. It's super unrealistic and it's causing a lot of people to be awkward in real life because they act the way people in modern animes act which is not how real humans act.

    • And that is why I also have a dislike of otaku. And Japanese culture that expects people to behave a certain way at a young age.

      Me, I hated high school and it wasn't the best time of my life, like stupid anime portrays.

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  • I'm into manga / anime since I'm really young but the majority of people of my age and even younger doesn't like manga and consider it like a "baby show" they think when you get in middle school you should stop watching cartoon / anime, etc...
    So your totally normal

    • And I hate how it fetishizes teenagers for the pedophiles. I, for one, only like adult women.

  • I get where you're coming from, but that's the point of fantasy - it doesn't have to play by the rules. Like you mentioned, just about every mech anime has some little prepubescent bastards cast as pilots. It's not necessary, but doesn't detract from the shows too much, at least not for me.

    • Really? What about Star Trek? I can use that as my example of making older adults the main characters and still having a blast.

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    • *sci-fi

    • They use intelligence and diplomacy to solve things. It's fiction, but it's got older characters and not stupid teenagers running around with magic powers.

  • Yeah not sure why the Japanese are obsessed with putting middle schoolers and high schoolers as main charecters a lot, most anime heroes and heroines are between 8-16 the average being 13, always found that odd, especially when they sexualize them which is a lot

    • Yeah, that's disgusting, no wonder why anime is popular with the pedophiles. I only find adult women attractive, so no anime for me!

      And that's why I am against otaku culture too. Star Trek trumps anime, period.

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    • Older characters are why I prefer, like in their 30's.

      High school years are the best time for an anime character, but it wasn't for me, due to the bullying.

    • Yeah, plus it's kind of hard to take it seriously when a 14 year old beats some super evil villain who has powers and experience in fighting yet is easily beaten by a kid who just learned his

  • You gotta remember it's Asian culture. From the very start Asians enter the school corridors, they feel the need to be succesful. That's their culture. They grow up fast and by the rules. So that's why mangas and anime portray young people like that.

    • Yeah, I'm Korean American and I don't like how they do that. That's why I don't really have Asian friends, don't like their overachieving ways.

    • It can be hard, especially if you're not acedemically as good as they are.

    • And I am also a rebel. I hated school because of bullies and didn't think I was treated fairly.

  • You sound pathetic honestly, you're complaining because there aren't more pathetic loser protagonists? Why would anyone watch a show about a self entitled egotistical idiot that complains that others aren't as terrible as himself.

    • 10 mo ago

      That's not what I meant, please try to elaborate?

  • u have to realize that anime is not reality even slice of life i mean its not like a 15 year old now will drive an entire robot plus everything that a character does is all by their hard work

    • It isn't. But neither is Star Trek, yet it is more realistic in that older adults use intelligence and diplomacy to save the day. That's why I enjoy it more than anime.

  • lets be real if tv shows had a bunch of late bloomers that would be super boring.

    • Yeah, like Mr. Robot shows a young 28-year-old cyber security engineer saving the day. In real life, a lot of them are old men. I myself do not expect to get there until I'm at least 35.

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    • I was just saying it's a problem in those areas i think because the way things are set up can create tension.
      Another example is with pepole liveing together cleaning can often become a point of conflict as some don't pull their weight which is why some accommodation actually has someone come in to help clean the shared areas in student accommodation they may rather clean than cover that extra cost but a number would leave it for others and create conflict.
      Though other times it's being stuck with generally inconsiderate pepole ie load music.
      If its a problem it might help you to be aware that certain choices you can make may reduce the likelihood of geting bullied not get rid of the problem unfortunately but help to reduce it.

  • OP, I like how your struggle with Gundam is that its a young teenager piloting a giant mecha in outer space.

    • It just seems ridiculous. In real life, it's not feasible.

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