How do you think about Dark Souls?

I just start to play Dark Souls 3 but I can not pass the first dead king.
Should I play it from 1 to 3 so that I can be familiar with the game and dont miss something?
Is the game reflecting fantasy of middle age
How do you think about Dark Souls?


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  • Dark souls is legendary! One of a kind. The difficulty makes it an epic battle and fun times

    Bloodbourne was epic too

    • Nono you don't need to play 1 and 2

      Just do this one I guess. You'll die a lot if its your first soul's game. The learning curve is steep. Also every enemy and boss has a method to take them down. You have to figure it out than it's becomes no problem.

    • Okay I see, I really found out there are more detail to operate, I think it is good to close reality.
      I just think maybe 1 was roughter than 3 and maybe it is not bad screenplay. So that I will not get tired of repeating LOL.

    • Yea it's amazing, in bloodbourne, which is similar to dark souls. Same company. I think I spent a whole day at the beginning before I actually moved on lol

      Was worth ever second though

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  • I love it so far, I just started playing it, it's a challenge for me because I love games that will give me a hard time. Play the 1st one, my friend told me to not worry about 2.

    • Well I am not in the mood to challenge like it now...
      but I think it is a good game I will play it later.

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    • PS3 and windows but I think it is no different on windows. I dont mean I dont like the challenge but I have to think about something at the same time this month, So I prefer to some videos game smoothly more anime to enjoy.

    • Gotcha!
      I love anime!!!

  • Dark souls is one of the hardest games to play. It is a game that expects you to die hundreds of times. Just keep trying ;)

    • I am just feeling it... well ok I put it to my list first, I now want some game let me kill monster from first to end instead of being killed hundred of times

  • I suggest you play 1 to 3 yes. You won't be missing much from the story if you don't but the gameplay will be more familiar


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