How to get YouTube famous?

I've had my youtube channel for nearly a year and even though its grown a lot quicker than I thought, I still lack some exposure. What will you guys suggest I do to gain more exposure.
I currently make song covers and one or two kinda sit down and chat kinda videos. I was wondering what other types of videos I should make?


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  • Yeah be creative write some new stuff or stick to covers the choice is yours chat to your viewers and talk about stuff your interested in and topics that you have an opinion on see where that leads you to a lot of people on their channels do dares and challenges maybe that's an option but do the stuff you feel you want to do

    • Thankyou!! I am considering making other kinds of videos but those are the ones I struggle to get views on. I guess its a slow process :)

    • Getting views can be hard but I think what attracts more viewers sometime is how good the channel looks but it's can be a slow process but stick with it

    • Glad I could help!! how's it going?

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