Are you impressed by this dancing :) ?

I know everybody's worried about the election but I'll make a post about something else :P.
I like Kpop and I'm mostly into girlgroups but the choreographies are sick from some of the guy groups, I'll post some videos and you can tell me what you think ;).

This is as close to perfection as you can get lol. This is a video just to show the choreography but in their performances they will sing and rap aswell while they're dancing like this.
They train for years dancing, singing/rapping and acting. Quite a few idols act on TV shows or sometimes even movies and it's also used for tv ads and music videos.
And then after they debut they stil have to train but also perform and do endorsement deals and fanmeets and variety shows and photoshoots etc.

This song is really good and the choreography is also great.

This is a live performance you can see they're actually singing live while dancing pretty impressive :P

This group is also famous for their dancing

I put in some of the hardest and best choreographies, not the best songs so don't judge the music only based on this just a disclaimer. Although I do like the 7th sense and fire is also pretty good.
But I'm interested in your opinions comment please ! :)
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  • If you're into KPOP, you'd recognize my name
    I love BTS.
    America needs to step up their game with music videos and choreography.

    • Do you like any other groups too? :P

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    • Yeah, i'm not a huge fan of their songs because I think they are too similar, but the group has a lot of really great people with great personalities!! Personality is #1 in a group for me way more than talent or physical appearance. Groups like AOA don't have that close bond or don't have unique and funny personalities. And i've never seen NCT! I'll look at em right now.

    • Let me know what you thought ! :) Also I wrote a mytake about my favorite girlgroups I know you're not that into them but you can check it out if you like ;).

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  • I've seen some more impressive dances from a kpop group.

  • BTS is much better... But it's very admirable, nonetheless...

    • I put BTS in lol

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    • Most of them (guys and girls) have quite high voices. Since I'm more into deeper voices, I can't even listen to the girls in those groups. Guys are fine - they sound like regular girls I'm used to.

  • I fucking looove kpop!


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