Speakers/subwoofer/amp for turntable?

I need a new sound system for my turntable, any suggestions?

*I'm not a disc jockey, I listen to vinyl*


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  • First we need to know budget and what turntable your using. One thing to keep in mind is most new receivers/amps don't have phono input and most turntables don't have a pre-amp built in. A phono input/pre amp is very important as it not only amplifies the phono signal to line level strength, it also does RIAA equalization. I did have my turntable connected to a old receiver with phono input till it failed, now I just have my turntable connected to the mic input on my computer and use software to do the equalization. If your turntable doesn't have a phono preamp installed you can always buy a standalone phono preamp which will allow you to connect your turntable to any speakers/receiver. I plan on buying a stand alone phono preamp so I can connect my turntable to my surround sound system.

  • Depends on how much money you have

    • True, I'm just curious as to what others use. I will probably gradually purchase what I would like, because I'm willing to invest in it. Nothing crazy, though.

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    • Get speakers from a speaker company. Sony and yamaha make speakers but that isn't their forté

    • Will consider! Thanks 😊

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