Need a vacation idea for the up coming year?

So long story short I have a free trip with in Canada or Northern United States that I must have used by April. I won't be able to leave before the holidays but can anywhere between New Years and April. So I'm looking for good vacation ideas and up for suggestions. I haven't been on a vacation in 6 years so I want it to be fun. If it helps I'm really into metal music and comic books so maybe a festival or convention? Ant suggestion could help. Thanks.


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  • I can't help with music or comics. But it should be easy enough to search for concerts and conventions in the areas you might go.

    People normally go south in the winter. The reason for going north are for winter activities. So the obvious thing seems like outdoor activities like skiing, snow mobiles, ice skating, etc. Heck you might even be able to find dog sledding. Or just drive looking at the snow scenery.

    As far as indoors, there is all the normal stuff. Clubbing, nightlife, museums, etc. Or just rent a cabin with a crackling fire, and break open a bottle of Scotch.

    If it was me, I'm not sure what I would do. One thing that comes to mind would be to plan on going immediately after New Years, and search for great Christmas light displays. There are some excellent light displays and winter scenes.

    Bottom line is that to me, going north in the winter means outdoors and snow, and then warming up by a nice fire and relaxing.


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