GOOD Horror/Thriller on Netflix?

So I'm AU netflix so I may not have all suggestions, but I swear every time a horror/thriller sounds good, it turns out being horrible (looking at you British made movies - sorry).

So we like both, gory bloody movies that go for that gore factor (but the more story the better) - so we do like the Saw series, and psychological scary thriller jump in your seats movies.

Example for me of a top thriller was Sinister. The first, not the second, that one was stupid.
Don't really like anything more than 20 years old though. Just not feeling old movies.


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  • I am not a fan of the horror genre. When I attend a movie, I tend to actually feel, in a visceral way, what is happening in the movie. If someone gets stabbed in the belly, I feel a pain in my gut. If someone falls off of a cliff, I feel a panic reaction. It is all too uncomfortable for me. I stick with comedies, documentaries, and historical fiction/period stories.

    • Ah fair enough,
      I can get quite into movies. Should see me start ranting about my favourite shows when something happens, and feel emotionally connected to characters. But sometimes just also are down for the gore/mind-screw.

      I haven't really met anyone who reacts like you do, that's interesting.

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