Anyone know how I can finish this?

I decided to finally try my hand at making an AMV (animated music video) however the song I chose repeats itself over and over towards the end, and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas.

I've posted the draft on Youtube, it is still very sketchy, and you can see where I've began to refine a few of the frames, so it's not very pretty right now.

Here it is:

Please let me know what you think and what you think I could add/change!

I know the timing for most of the slides is off, I did make this into actual video format at two in the morning, so I neither had the patience nor state of mind to try TOO hard haha. Then after my abismal attempt youtube went on to shake it up further so... yeah.

Please let me know what you think I can do!
Especially with the end, where it just goes black. I need to fill that up with some frames, of SOMETHING.

Also yes I know, the anatomy and linework is absolutely shoddy. It WILL be cleaned up, these are literally the first sketches of each frame so far, and all were done quick so I could move onto the next.

(also the song is called Bird Song and it's by Florence The Machine)


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  • Sorry I can't be of much help, the only things I can think of are him falling to the ground and covering his mouth, or finding another bird...
    But I wanted to post that I really like it so far! When you do figure it out, you gotta post the end result on here!

  • Why don't you edit the song to make it end sooner?

    • Because I want to keep the whole thing in, the only versions of this song on Youtube are the few lyric videos, and one or two AMVs that are either, the one completed one, very obscure (not at all related to the song, and more related to some anime) or simply incomplete.

      I want to have the whole song (sans the two minute long instrumental intro) included, and it won't be hard to animate the rest in, I'm just having trouble coming up with ideas. I HAD one, but I didn't have anywhere to write it down at the time so now I can't remember what it was.

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