Prison break character/ actor: whats his name?

So i wanna know the name of this prison break character and actor. He appears in the first season and hangs himself in episode 9 because he's abused by t-bag and michael didn't help him even after he asked him to.
Originally i wanted to know his name so i can look for his background story because i wanna know what got this innocent soul into prison but since i can't find the name there's probably no background details as well..
but if any of you know more, please tell me:D


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  • i've not read through but hopefully this has what you are looking for

    • he's only referred to as "cherry prison bitch" in there but thanks:D

    • Whoops nevermind found him in the full cas and crew section ^^
      The actors name is blaine hogan and the characters seth hoffner

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  • I know who you're talking about! The kid right?
    Crapppp now i can't think of his name and its killingme lol


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